Prices and General Terms of Business*

*According 19, Abs. 1, UstG (there is no VAT).

Guided tours**German/Foreign language
- 2 hours:€ 180.-
- 3 hours:€ 220.-
- 4 hours:€ 260.-
- each additional hour:€ 40.-

**Independently of the working hours booked, the factual working time will be charged!

In case of cancellation of the order a cancellation fee has to be paid:

- within 3 days before the tour starts - € 180.-
- within 24 hours before the tour starts the full amount of the tour

An airport transfer (two hours + one hour for the way to/from the airport) costs € 220.- + € 10.- for public transportation. Every additional hour begun costs € 40.-.

- In case there is to advance money (entrances etc.) there will be a service fee of 10 % of the amount to be advanced.

- Orders are to be made in writing. To get sure that you get your desired tour, please, book as early as possible.

- In case the group appears less than one hour late for the appointment, the waiting time of the guide will be deducted of the total time of the tour. If the group is more than one hour late for the appointment the guide will go home and the full amount of the price of the tour is to be paid. So he does if the group does not appear.

- The guide is not liable for any of the group members and participation is at the guests' own risk. For minors their escort is responsible and the guide does not take any responsibility.

- At any museum etc. the entrance fee is not included in the price.

- All the tours are proposals of the guide and are subject to alteration. Especially, when the group is slow, not all mentioned points might be seen.

-In order to get sure that the guided tour can take place without any inconvenience for you, please transfer the amount due prior to the tour. If you wish you can pay cash before the beginning of the tour. In this case, please let me know beforehand.


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